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A Vampyre Story sinks teeth into GamersGate

Jason Dobson

It's been so long since we last heard from A Vampyre Story that we half expected that the undead adventure game from former LucasArts vet Bill Tiller had been sent to the morgue. So imagine as the color returned to our cheeks with news that the Autumn Moon-developed PC adventure was released from its coffin and is now available to stretch its wings as a digital download. While currently it appears that A Vampyre Story is only available from GamersGate, a post on the game's official blog notes that it should begin popping up "on any decent download retail service," including GameTap and metaboli.

First announced more than four years ago, A Vampyre Story is set in Europe during the late 1800s. The game casts players in the gown of a young French opera singer who must escape the hand-drawn clutches of her vampire captive in order to rekindle her former life (and, we hope, the genre's relevancy as well).

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