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Alone in the Deal of the Day


Atari's latest attempt to restart the Alone in the Dark franchise may have been disappointing at $50, but we can't help but wonder how much less disappointing it is as a $10 game. The lowered expectations that come with the price may be just the thing! If you only had enough interest in the game to justify spending that amount, chances are you've rented it already. If not, today's Amazon Deal of the Day may interest you. For today only, they've dropped the price of the Wii (and PS2) Alone in the Dark to $9.98.

If cheap Atlus games are your thing, and if you have yet to hear about this, Amazon also currently has a bunch of Atlus games on sale for $19.96, including Dokapon Kingdom, Trauma Center: New Blood, and Baroque on the Wii.


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