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Apple TV update 2.3 released

Cory Bohon

Apple has just released software update 2.3 for the Apple TV. Right now, we don't have the change log, but we'll update the post as soon as we get more information.

It is important to know that as with all other Apple TV firmware updates, running the update WILL remove any non-Apple TV software. So if you have installed the USB boxee hack you might want to wait on running the update.

Apple TV will eventually prompt you to run the automatic update, so boxee or XBMC users might want to check out the forums for information on disabling automatic updates.

If you are not using any additional software and would like to download this new update, you can do so by visiting Settings > General > Software Update from the main Apple TV menu. If you notice any new features, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Update: Apple has now posted a change log on their website. According to the knowledge base article, the following aspects of Apple TV have been updated:

  • AirTunes Streaming from Apple TV - Music can be streamed via AirTunes to Airport Express speakers or other Apple TVs in your house.
  • Third-party Remote Controls - Apple TV can now learn other remote controls and use them in addition to the Apple Remote.
  • Playlists - Playlists in iTunes that contain Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, and Music Videos can now be seen on Apple TV.
  • Music Volume Control - Support for volume control in Music.

Thanks for the tip, Jeff.

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