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Breakfast Topic: Is the ring worth it?


The spiffy Dalaran rings:

Band of the Kirin Tor
Signet of the Kirin Tor
Are they worth it?

When I hit 80 it was the first thing I picked up. The powerful ability to teleport myself to a major city is, in my opinion, invaluable as I conquer the end game of Wrath of the Lich King. But after I right clicked to buy the 8,000g ring, I paused.

I felt a small twinge on the back of my head.

Was that the tingling of buyer's remorse? Did I just buy the Sega Dreamcast of rings?

Will my ring fade away to soon be vendored? No ring to control them all, and no ring to in the darkness bind them?

My hope is that it won't be. I'm keeping the ring in my bag, along with the necklace from Illidan's quest chain that I've had for the past 10 months. A port to Shadowmoon Valley will still be useful if I have to get to a capital city quickly. And then with the hearth stone set to where I want it, I have a total of three quick and easy portable locations for my lazy Warrior butt.

You voiced your opinions last week on the multi-person mammoth mount, so tell me – what do you think of this? Is a Dalaran ring worth the money?

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