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Golden Zelda statue gallops back to European Club Nintendo

Although we regard this golden statue of Link and Epona as tacky, we're clearly in a minority. Despite being the most expensive item ever in the European Club Nintendo shop (15,000 Star Points, thank you), it sold out in the blink of a Goron's eye.

How rare is this, exactly? Our guess: pretty damn rare. We've never seen one on eBay. But now it's back in stock, chintzier than ever, and ready for some lucky collectors to swipe. It's still 15,000 Star Points, and we suspect this latest batch will go quickly, so long as somebody out there has resisted splurging their Star Points on Wii Points.

How about you, North Americans? Would something like this catch your eye when Club Nintendo launches in your neck of the woods later this year?

[Via N-Europe]

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