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Join Joystiq's Avatar Look-a-Like Contest

Justin McElroy

It's NXE launch day, and those of us who've been in for a while have been eagerly anticipating seeing everyone's avatars. If you bear a striking resemblance to your newly-minted doppelganger, not only do we want to see it, we want to share it with the world! So, here's what you do.

1. Visit this link, but switch out "XXXXX" with your gamertag.
2. Send a pic of your avatar (not just the link) and a pic of yourself (or both in the same image) to joystiqblog aat gmail dawt com with the subject line "NXE Avatar Contest."
3. Keep checking this gallery to see if you made the cut.
4. Digg the post to further your stardom.

We'll be putting the best look-a-likes up throughout the day. What's the prize, you ask? How about fame, how does that grab you? No? Well then, how about immortality? Yeah, we thought so.

[Update: We've got more images, it's just taking the gallery below a bit to update. So go here and just start clicking through to see everything.

Update 2: Hey gang. The servers seem to be slow, so please don't send us the link to your avatar but rather the actual file. And if you can put them both into one image it'd be a big help.]

Gallery: Joystiq's Avatar Look-a-Like Contest | 53 Photos

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