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OXM UK: Old Dash themes 'butchered' by NXE


When it was first announced, one of the most-asked questions re: the New Xbox Experience was, "Will my old themes work with it?" Microsoft's answer was "yes." The UK' Official Xbox Magazine's answer is, "Er ... not really."

The magazine's staff has – along with creating a frighteningly accurate Avatar of Amy Winehouse – rounded up some of the themes that "work" especially poorly with the NXE. Its choices are strong, but have you found any more egregious examples? Or, conversely, which ones work especially well? Of course, there are always Themes 2.0.

Curious about the New Xbox Experience? Check out our ridiculously informative nine-video feature, covering everything from Avatar creation, Netflix integration, and the 8-player party system to installing games to the hard drive, the new Marketplace, the Blade-like "Guide" interface, and more!

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