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Games, movies next for Nokia's "Comes With" franchise?

Chris Ziegler

It's gonna be a good long while yet before we know whether Comes With Music is the rousing (and profitable) success Nokia hopes it is, but it seems Espoo might already be looking into what other sorts of media can be all-you-can-eat-ified for the benefit of its handsets. They're generally being coy about what the future holds for unlimited media, but company exec Tom Erskine noted that they're being "open minded" about the natural fit that games and movies would have with the Comes With model. Seriously, who wouldn't be down with an entertainment-focused Nseries that bundled a year of gaming? EA's European marketing director added that his company -- which just happens to make a crapload of mobile games -- is "supportive" of any creative ideas handset manufacturers dream up, which certainly sounds to us like code for "we'd totally be down for Comes With Games." Nokia, we eagerly await this initiative you've yet to announce.

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