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NXE Avatars of the Rich and Famous

Justin McElroy

...Well, OK, they're not that rich. Hell, if you want to get persnickety about it, they're not even particularly famous outside of a particular sphere. But you're reading Joystiq, so we're going to assume you're in said sphere and present you with some e-celebs, accompanied by their new NXE Avatars. Consider it a companion to yesterday's avatar look-a-likes.

Along with those digi-stars, you're also going to see a lot of guys from Joystiq, because we know most of those guys and they have to do whatever we say. If you're a celebrity left off the list (or just know the gamertag of one) feel free to ping us: tips aat joystiq dawt com.

[Update: We've added a ton more people, including 1UP's own Garnett Lee! Check it totally out.]

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