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Vanguard's Harvest Festival brings new quests, encourages bird-eating

Samuel Axon

With Halloween now behind us, the Thanksgiving events are starting up. Vanguard appears to be the, well, vanguard here, as its Harvest Day event began yesterday. Quest NPCs with four new quests have arrived in Khal -- the Halgrim family are recent immigrants who want to host a Harvest Festival, but Salrash the Birdmaster is determined to stop them because he finds the Halgrim's plan to have a feast on bird meat abhorrent.

There are, in typical Vanguard fashion, raid four raid mobs that you can hunt down to celebrate: the aforementioned Salrash the Birdmaster, Turfin, Duksworth, and Ciran. Sounds like fun -- don't stuff yourself with phat loot and costumes too much!

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