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Veteran's guide to Mines of Moria: What's in it for me?

Shawn Schuster

So Lord of the Rings Online's first expansion, Mines of Moria, has released with minimal problems. Admittedly, the launch went off better than most, although there were a few server issues on that first day. As a veteran player of the game, with perhaps two or more level 50s, you've been playing Moria since the servers went live, with only breaks for school or work. We understand that and we only want to make your time with Moria that much better, so we've created this guide to the changes in Moria according to what a veteran player would seek. The low-level guide has been done, and now it's your turn, oh Master of Middle-earth.

Luckily for you, most of Moria's content was geared towards you. The biggest exception to this is the two new classes, as they would need to be created from level one. Still, between class balance, ten new levels, new instances and an entire underworld to explore, you have plenty to keep your highest-level characters busy for quite awhile. Follow along after the cut below to learn more about what Moria has to offer for veteran players.

Level cap increase from 50 to 60

This is huge, and will be the only inspiration some people need to dust off their forgotten max-level crafting alts or retired classes. When you could previously brag that you had four max-level characters, you will now need to do a bit more work to regain those bragging rights.

New skills, Traits and Deeds
The road from 50 to 60 brings with it new skills to learn for the existing classes. Plus, with over 300 new Deeds and Accomplishments, skill usage has more meaning than ever before.

Trait Sets act as "builds"
Each class now has three Trait Sets that act a bit like a build, recognizing the most effective combinations and utilizing them most efficiently. These sets are comprised of eight traits per set, with a Legendary to cap them off. They're designed for ease of use, including color-coordinated traits for certain sets.

Legendary Item Advancement System
Now you actually have the opportunity to forge your own weapon, using your own special modifications and advancement system that you can control. These items will actually level with you, gaining their own experience much like a pet or companion. You can even name them for that truly unique feel.

New crafting Tier 6 and crafting guilds
Although we mentioned this one in the low-level guide as well, this extra crafting tier and crafting guilds were designed for the high-level characters. These crafting guilds have special benefits such as lowered material requirements for recipes, guaranteed critical success on some recipes, and at the highest tier, crafters can actually produce Legendary Weapons, class items and Legendary augmentations.

Three new regions

Between Eregion, Moria and Lothlorien, you should have plenty of room to explore, pick up over 600 new quests and level to your heart's content. The mines themselves, within Moria, are said to be the largest single-zone, seamless area in any MMO.

New dungeons, raids and instances

  • Almost 40 new dungeons have been added to the game
  • Seven new 6-man instances
  • One new 12-man instance to battle the Watcher in the Water
  • Four new instance/raid armor sets

Hunters get new ports
Starting from level 48, Hunters will now get three new port skills. There's the Suri-Kyla port in Forochel, gained through Acquaintance reputation standing, the Echad Dunann port in Eregion, gained from completing two deeds in Eregion, and Moria's 21st Hall port which is gained through Dwarf miner's reputation.

All of this is, of course in addition to the fundamental improvements made to combat, inventory, PvMP, the UI, quest and NPC AI (including a ton to Carn Dum), and much more.

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