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Breakfast Topic: The Man with a Plan

Zach Yonzon

It's a full week after the record-breaking Wrath of the Lich King. How has it been so far? Did it all go according to plan? If you're like most players I know, you had a plan going into the expansion. Personal targets, maybe, or things you were looking forward to doing and achieving. Some of you might even have been your Realm's first Level 80 <insert class here> or <insert race here>. For the rest of us, I have to ask -- did everything go according to plan?

I must confess, I'm not even 80 yet. I had expected to hit Level 80 within a few days, but I had to wait for my wife, with whom I leveled since Day One, to get her Collector's Edition key (eventually made possible only with some arm-twisting and name-taking by our very own Dan O'Halloran -- thanks, Dan!) before I could set foot in Northrend. When my wife finally got her key last Monday, she found my pace too frenetic because I would simply accept quests and do them as I remembered them from Beta. She, on the other hand, wanted to read and enjoy the quests and level up her professions at the same time. We ended up stopping at every Cobalt Node, slowing down our leveling pace considerably.

That kind of changed things. Instead, I eventually decided to level ahead of her on my own time and just accompany her through quests whenever she played. I also stopped rushing myself and didn't mind spending some time in Dalaran's Underbelly looking for elixirs. I guess I'll hit Level 80 eventually. It's not going the way I envisioned it, but I'm actually still enjoying myself. I guess I'm the Man with a Change of Plans. How about you? How has your first week in Northrend been?

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