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DS Daily: But would you want it?


The good folks at Siliconera recently spoke with Leo Tan of Capcom Europe about Street Fighter IV, and while they left out the DS when asking specifically about other systems that might be possible for the game, the answer was interesting (even though we've heard it before): "I do realize that earlier in the campaign we talked about putting it on every platform imaginable, including GBA if there was a demand. Whilst a GBA version seems unlikely, the fighting system itself (not the graphics, obviously) could easily transfer to any system with six buttons and a dpad so nothing should be ruled out. Ever. If people shout loudly enough that they want something, they often get heard."

Well, the DS has a D-pad (even if it's small!) and six buttons, so that puts it into the realm of possibility. But would you want a visually-stripped version of Street Fighter IV for the DS?

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