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Far Cry 2 'Fortune's Pack' adds new vehicles, weapons, maps


Ubisoft has revealed a new batch of downloadable content for its incredibly aggressive African safari, Far Cry 2. Due to be released "by the end of November," the Fortune's Pack bolsters the game's collection of weapons, multiplayer maps and, perhaps most importantly, fuel-guzzling transports. It's not quite the turret-equipped elephant we were hoping for, but a quad should do us fine. There's also a "unimog," which is either a big truck thing or an adorable Final Fantasy creature with a tertiary education. Probably the former.

Also added to both the single- and multiplayer components are three new weapons: the sawed-off shotgun; the silenced shotgun; and the crossbow. Be sure to use those on Fortune's four additional multiplayer maps, dubbed Cheap Labor, Last Resort, Lake Smear and Fort Fury.

The pack will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Store for $10 -- or two of the diamonds you found in a suspicious briefcase in the middle of nowhere.

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