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MechRC is here to dance, not enslave

Tim Stevens

Say what you want about robots being our future overlords and all that, but we think they're really just here to boogie. I mean, if all you wanted to do was get your groove on but some engineer kept programming you to scare prisoners or little children, you might go looking for a little payback too, right? Thankfully there's MechRC, a 17-servo kit newly available in the Americas that, despite his menacing visage, should do wonders to soothe human-robot relations through a vast array of funky moves. Thanks to what looks to be some easy to use (though sadly not Mac compatible) software, would-be robo-choreographers of nearly any age should be able to sharpen their teeth here, and while $599 isn't exactly impulse-buy territory, that's considerably cheaper than many of the other robot kits we've covered before -- and some of them can't even shake their tail feather! MechRC sure can, just check out the "Evolution of Dance" homage after the break. Judson Laipply, you just got served!

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