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Raiding consumables for Discipline and Holy priests

Eliah Hecht

I just hit 80 last night, and was the first in my guild to do so, so we won't be hitting Naxx for probably a couple weeks. Still, when I get there, I want to be prepared, so I did some quick spreadsheet math to figure out what consumables I should show up with as a deep holy priest. I'm basing the numbers off this very well-research post on A Dwarf Priest. Since I'm sure Disc will be rising in popularity with its newfound tank-healing viability, I did the math for Discipline values as well, but it didn't change the rankings in almost all cases. The best consumables are best for both Holy and Discipline.

I'll be giving the values in parentheses after each item, first Holy and then Disc; for the math behind these, see MK's post. Old-world (BC or classic) recipes will be italicized.

TL;DR version: Use Firecracker Salmon/Tender Shoveltusk Steak and Flask of the Frost Wyrm.


There are lots and lots of new Northrend foods. Combined with the simplification of stats, that means there is essentially a food for every stat you could want. Of course, due to our stat priorities, some foods come out better than others. Here's how it breaks down for us.

  1. Firecracker Salmon/Tender Shoveltusk Steak (27.6/27.6)
  2. Golden Fish Sticks/Blackened Basilisk [thanks h8rain] (24.6/21.8)
  3. Cuttlesteak (21.6/16)

Sad to see a BC food on there, but then again, the Fish Sticks are pretty great. I'm happy that the best foods also give us Stamina, since I tend to die pretty often.

Another important note on the food front is that the buff from Fish Feast is equivalent to the best foods, and since it only takes four Northern Spices to potentially buff the whole party (depending on class composition), this may turn out to be more cost-effective than making individual foods. (Is foods a word?) However, it appears that the Fish Feast is not currently attainable in-game -- patched in with fishing dailies, maybe? [sorry, apambea]

Alchemical products


This is the one area where Disc and Holy differ, so I'm giving separate lists for them. Holy:
  1. Elixir of Draenic Wisdom (38.4)
  2. Elixir of Mighty Thoughts (33.3)
  3. Elixir of Spirit (27)
And Discipline:
  1. Elixir of Mighty Thoughts (37.8)
  2. Elixir of Draenic Wisdom (37.2)
  3. Elixir of Mighty Mageblood (24)

Of note in this ranking is that Guru's Elixir will also boost your Stamina, which is not represented numerically, but could be valuable in some fights.

  1. Spellpower Elixir (34.8/34.8)
  2. Elixir of Healing Power (30.72/29.76)
  3. Guru's Elixir (25.6/24.8)


I'm very pleased to report we have a new flask to enjoy. This makes me very happy since our best option in BC was Flask of Distilled Wisdom, an original WoW recipe. It also scores slightly higher than the best combination of elixirs, which is nice for progression raids. Elixiring will probably turn out to be cheaper if you don't die very often, and is a very close second numerically.

  1. Flask of the Frost Wyrm (75/75)
  2. Best elixirs: Elixir of Draenic Wisdom/Elixir of Mighty Thoughts + Spellpower Elixir (73.2/72.6)
  3. Flask of Distilled Wisdom (48.1/54.6)
And there you have it! Hit up your local cooks and alchemists, and get all buffed up to destroy Naxxramas (or more specifically, to help keep Naxxramas from destroying your raid).

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