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Research shows HDMI climbing, DVI slipping

Darren Murph

It was already made clear that both HDMI and DVI have a struggle on their hands with DisplayPort entering the picture, but new research from In-Stat asserts that HDMI is still on the up and up while DVI is slowing fading away. The report found that HDMI sockets were included on a staggering 95% of all digital televisions shipped worldwide in 2008, which unsurprisingly goes down as "the greatest volume for HDMI in any product." It also found that the "vast majority" of DVI shipments occurred in PC and PC peripheral markets, noting that DVI-enabled product shipments would decline at an annual rate of 30% through 2012; in the same breath, we're told that HDMI-enabled product shipments would increase at an annual clip of 23% over the same period. Now, if only this research would have included DisplayPort, we'd really have ourselves a showdown.

[Via CNET]

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