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Rock Band DLC: The Killers, Yngwie, Soundgarden & Lamb Of God

Alan Tsang

This week's Rock Band DLC brings the Killers track pack we reported on last Friday. Yngwie Malmsteen also gets a track pack, while Soundgarden gets two singles and Lamb of God is left with one song. Take a long:

The Killers 3 Pack
  • "Mr. Brightside"
  • "Smile Like You Mean It"
  • "Spaceman"
Yngwie Malmsteen 3 Pack
  • "Caprici Di Diablo"
  • "Damnation Game"
  • "Red Devil"
Other songs:
  • "Jesus Christ Pose" -- Soundgarden
  • "Pretty Noose" -- Soundgarden
  • "Laid To Rest" -- Lamb of God
Each song will be priced individually at $1.99 while the two track packs will cost $5.49 each. Look for them next week on Tuesday, November 25th (instead of Thursday, which is Thanksgiving in the US) on the PlayStation Store.

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