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Sony says non-discounted goods make life easier for you

Darren Murph

Oh Sony, will you ever learn? After kvetching during the holiday season two years ago about how rampant price drops were wrecking the industry, the still-insane Jay Vandenbree, president of consumer sales for Sony Electronics, has opened his mouth once again this year. Why? To say that by "having the price for these products [HDTVs, for one] be the same at all retailers, Sony had eliminated stress for buyers." In case you weren't aware, Sony has forbid retailers from discounting select high-end HDTVs and cameras, but it's doing so for you, the buyer (honest!). In fact, he stated that because of Sony's heartwarming efforts, "consumers don't have to worry about whether [they] can get a better deal at retailer A or retailer B, and everybody gets the best deal." Hey, Mr. Vandenbree -- define "everybody" for us, would you?

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