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Debut Wanted trailer curves its way into our hearts

Those among you who saw Wanted in theaters probably spent most of the 110-minute bullet-fest wondering how well the game would hold up when it made its seemingly inevitable journey to the Land of Licensed Video Games. Your inquisitive mind may have been eased by reading our glowing write-up of our time with the game at E3 earlier this year -- then again, you've never been much of a reader, have you? You're probably not even reading this right now, meaning we can call you a stupid jerk without fear of repercussion. Here goes -- you're a stupid jerk.

If you are still with us, we apologize for needlessly insulting you, and offer you the debut trailer for Wanted: Weapons of Fate (posted after the jump) as a humble peace offering. It is proudly NSFW, and chock-full of awesome -- though it is sorely lacking in Morgan Freeman appearances. Looks like we'll have to wait for Bungie's upcoming adaptation of The Bucket List to fulfill that particular fancy.

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