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Japanese hardware sales, Nov. 10 - Nov. 16: Early Edition edition

What if you received tomorrow's Japanese hardware sales figures ... today?

We're not exactly certain what parallels we can draw between our humble weekly feature and the short-lived CBS soothsaying series Early Edition, but it was the only clever theme we could attach to this particular post which is, in fact, a day early. If you could somehow use this information save someone's life this evening, it would certainly help our allusional plight. We considered forcing an orange tabby cat through the internet and onto your front porch to recreate a theme from the show, but decided against it as the cost would be tremendous, and the trauma inflicted to said kitty would be, well, unsurvivable.

Here's the news, sans mutilated feline: The DSi, despite experiencing a drop customary to the weeks following a frenzied console launch, remains king of the hill. The software figures for the week follow suit -- three of the top five games belong to Nintendo's handheld, with Kirby Super Star Ultra taking first place. However, the vacuous pink puff ball was unable to save the DS Lite, whose sales were cut in half this week, netting it a last-place finish -- just as prophecy foretold.

- DSi: 85,327 19,570 (18.66%)
- PSP: 38,153 5,573 (12.75%)
- Wii: 26,787 2,061 (8.34%)
- PS3: 17,448 906 (4.94%)
- Xbox 360: 7,983 4,776 (37.43%)
- PS2: 5,421 322 (5.61%)
- DS Lite: 3,559 4,822 (57.53%)

[Source: Media Create]

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