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The sun-stamped Apple doesn't fall far from the iTree


Some forms of Apple fandom are quick and simple -- the button, the tote bag, the temporary tattoo (not to be confused with the more permanent variety). Some forms, however, require commitment and patience. I don't speak the predominant language over at, but I can guess that the translated caption for this photo gallery might be "How do you like them apples?"

Update: Per Cult of Mac, It looks like the source for the tattooed apples is this Japanese site -- translations welcome.

Yes, one very patient apple tree owner applied icon stencils for the Apple & iPod logos to a treeful of apples, and then let the sunshine do the work. The results can be seen to the right and at the gallery -- a bushelful of neatly logofied fruit, ripe for the munching. Talk about living your brand.

Thanks Tim!

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