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Elemental Designs boasts green speakers

Steven Kim

As (typically) passive devices, loudspeakers are low on our list of components we'd look to for making our systems more eco-friendly. But the MDF (medium density fiberboard) that most affordable speakers (yeah, not these) use for cabinet construction is a material straight out of the fast-food age -- bits of wood held together by some not-so healthy chemicals. But speaker manufacturer Elemental Designs is moving away from MDF in favor of Environmentally Friendly Substrate (EFS), a wood composite material without the nasty binders. Better still, EFS is actually more dense than MDF, which is always a good thing for speaker cabinets; the EFS enclosures produce smoother response curves and higher SPLs than the MDF ones. Here's to a better sounding, greener planet!

[Via audiojunkies]

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