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Hitachi's DZ-BD10HA hybrid HD camcorder reviewed

Darren Murph

Hitachi's DZ-BD10HA isn't for everyone, as evidenced by the built-in 3-inch BD-R / RE burner that your content gets cooked onto. If you're one of those folks who doesn't mind (or enjoys, we should say) the direct-to-disc approach, however, CNET's review is apt to give you some food for thought. The hybrid HD camcorder also packs a 30GB hard drive, but you'll pay for the multi-format approach with the larger size. Reviewers found the operation to be simple enough, though that's partially due to the rather skimpy features list. 'Course, it all comes to down to image quality, and critics simply found the video performance to be "decent" and the photo quality "above average." At the end of the day, the unit mustered just three out of five stars, and if you're looking for our advice, we'd suggest ditching the whole BD bit and having a look at Samsung's SC-HMX20C.

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