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Holidaze 2008: Black Friday Video Game Guide


Nothing quite like being packed into a frenzied shopping mob, is there? It's why we wait for hours in the cold dark with nothing more than the lingering memory of Thanksgiving stuck between our teeth. Or ... maybe it's just the promise of unbelievable savings?

We've scoured the nation's largest retailers for Black Friday's video game deals and compiled these savings into a series of really good lookin' guides. Since you're likely to focus your efforts on one retailer, selling not just games, but various gift opportunities, we've narrowed our field down to six nationwide megastores -- with the exception of GameStop, which, well, just sells games. (Joytip: Consult GamerDeals or other Black Friday compilation sites for additional sales at small, regional or online retailers.)

Without further ado, we present ... Joystiq's Holidaze 2008: Black Friday Video Game Guide!

Click on a store above to view its Black Friday Guide

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