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GH: World Tour drums now work in Rock Band 2, thanks to patch

Majed Athab

Striving for open-platform peripheral interoperability is something that is very important to Harmonix and MTV Games. So, when word got out that the PS3 version of Rock Band 2 was having a bit of trouble getting the Guitar Hero: World Tour drum set to work with the software, the crew began toiling away to bring things up to snuff.

Indeed, the fruit of that labor is now evident with the recently released v1.01 patch. An MTV Games/Harmonix spokesperson had this statement: "We have been actively working with Sony to develop a software solution to correct the interoperability issue with the Guitar Hero: World Tour drum and guitar peripherals on PS3 and are pleased to announce that this solution is going live today. In addition, the patch will also address some rare crashes and minor issues that were brought to our attention."

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