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It lives! The Twilight Hack returns


Occasionally, you do have to wonder why Nintendo bothers. In typical fashion, the latest Wii Menu update (released only seven days ago) was designed to render the Twilight Hack useless. Also in typical fashion, it's already been beaten, proving yet again that you can't keep a good hack down.

While some in the homebrew community predicted that the 3.4 update would sound the death knell for the Twilight Hack, Team Twiizers has now written and released new, Wii Menu 3.4-compatible code (though as usual, updating your Wii isn't recommended unless it's an absolute must).

HackMii has a link to the new file and all necessary instructions, so let the brewing of homes recommence!

The homebrew community is doing nifty things with the Wii. Have you learned how to play DVDs on your console yet? Or read about the app that lets you play games from other regions? What about getting Goldeneye to run on Wii? Alternatively, you could just use homebrew to get your cheat on.

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