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Lineage II's Kratei's Cube has ruthless PvP, extremely creepy mobs

Samuel Axon

Having looked at Pailaka and New Kamaloka, we're as pleased about Lineage II's Gracia Part 2 update as anyone, but we have to admit we're now a little... creeped out. NCsoft has described another adventure area appearing in the update -- Kratei's Cube -- and as awesome as it sounds, those demented killer anime doll monsters are just plain freaky. It's high fantasy, not Chucky, alright?

Kidding aside, we've got the scoop on what you can find in Kratei's Cube. Once you sign up through an NPC on Fantasy Isle, you'll be whisked away to a big maze that resets every 30 minutes. During each cycle, players kill monsters -- and each other -- in a competition to rack up the most points. Once things settle down, folks receive experience, SP, and Fantasy Isle coins based on their performance.

The cool thing is that if you die in the maze, you'll pop back in with full health and mana, so there should be very little downtime. If you're in a party, carrying a cursed weapon, or of chaotic orientation, don't bother signing up though -- you won't be allowed in. Poor you!


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