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Microsoft: 360 has outsold original Xbox worldwide


Two days after the third anniversary of its launch, Microsoft has confirmed with MCV that Xbox 360 has sold more units to date worldwide than the original Xbox did during its entire lifecycle. Although MS did not disclose exact numbers, the 360's predecessor sold through 25 million units from its launch on Nov. 15, 2001, through May of 2005. Rival Sony recently revealed that global sales of PlayStation 3 have reached 17 million units since the console went on sale Nov. 11, 2006.

MCV also reports that MS had not expected to reach this milestone for one to two more weeks, implying that sales of the 360 could push further beyond that of the first-generation Xbox by the end of the holiday shopping season. 360 heads into the holidays in the wake of a major interface revamp, the New Xbox Experience, and a year which saw substantial price cuts, placing its core Arcade SKU at $199.

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