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Nokia Build website lets your dream 7310 Supernova come alive

Darren Murph

Nokia's 7310 Supernova isn't a half bad looking handset straight from the factory, but you know you're champing at the bit to destroy any and all resell value by slapping a pixelated image of your mum and pop on there. Regardless of how wild, tacky or fashionable your ideas, users in France with the requisite coin can order up a 7310 Supernova with practically any design they want. For the less imaginative, there are a few templates that should still do the trick, but we wouldn't let the opportunity of being able to upload your own JPEG pass you by. The whole Nokia Build concept is still in beta at the moment, so we're anxiously hoping to see it hit other markets in short order.

[Via UnwiredView]

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