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Orange launching 60 high-res mobile TV channels in France

Darren Murph

Upon first glance, we almost flipped a lid at the mere mention of "high-definition mobile TV." Turns out, that's probably a misconstrued way of saying "high-resolution," or, "a higher quality than usual." At any rate, Orange is making the final touches on its mobile TV service, which will deliver 60 channels (20 with unlimited access) on the company's 3G+ UMA platform. Reportedly, the first handset to take advantage will be the LG Secret KF757, which will be the first mobile to boast the Orange TV Player -- an application that enables users to "flick from one channel to another and to consult a guide to programs showing on each channel." Sounds pretty sweet, but be sure and give us a call when you really have high-def content to share and a phone to take advantage.

[Image courtesy of DirectNews]

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