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Relic teases Homeworld 3 development


This time last year, THQ snapped up the trademark for Relic's space-faring RTS, Homeworld. Now Eurogamer reports that, during a visit to Relic's offices, the dev was (quite badly) attempting to tease that Homeworld 3 is in development without actually saying, "It's in development."

When asked about the possibility of a new Homeworld, Dawn of War II design lead Jonny Ebbert told the site that, "We're really happy the IP has made its way home, and yeah, we're definitely looking at it." Ebbert continued, saying there's "always a chance" that the game is in development at the studio, adding that he is "very, very, very" excited about the idea of revealing it to the world. And ... it's just being looked into? Nice try, guys.

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