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TwentyFifthNovember becomes Ensidia

Alex Ziebart

The merger between Nihilum and SK Gaming that was temporarily known as TwentyFifthNovember (who has already cleared all current Wrath content) has announced their new name. Ensidia. There are some neat details they've announced with their name, such as launching a community site soon and all of that, but none of that is particularly important.

What's important is their new name sounds like some kind of medicine or drug. Every corner of the internet is currently giggling to themselves over it. A professional gaming group? No way. They're some kind of sleep aid, or erectile dysfunction medication. I've seen at least a dozen people rattling off potential side effects of taking Ensidia tonight. I'm not really curious about their raid progression anymore, I'm more interested in whether I can take it on an empty stomach or not.

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