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WoW Moviewatch: Howl: A Tauren story


Howl: A Tauren story was a solid attempt. It's the story of a Tauren leaving home, growing, seeing the world, and learning to wage war. (And, then, of course, learning the effects of waging that war.) The author is Howl, so he is probably somewhat the namesake of the story.

There's a lot I can get behind in the movie. It's a fairly involved story, that attempts to share a real narrative and growth. In Campbellian language, Howl's a relatively archetypical hero story. But the movie itself had some flaws that could use a new cut. The animation was basic, which is all right, except that the movie involved a lot of action scenes. Given that the audience is familiar with WoW itself, action scenese really need intense cuts and interesting angles to not just view as "Ah, Tauren parry. Tauren attack. Tauren dodge." The pacing was also slow, to me, which can be a problem with a very long film.

Ultimately, I hope Howl comes out with a Redux or a part two. It needs to be much faster and maybe less emphasis on the fight scenes.

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