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AT&T's Pantech C820 in the flesh, FCC-style

Chris Ziegler

Look familiar? If you've got an eye for FCC label drafts, the shadowy figure here will ring a bell as Pantech's C820 -- perhaps better known as the successor to the Duo. Carried over from the Duo is the pair of slides that offer both numeric and QWERTY keypads for your tapping pleasure, but it could be argued that the C820 owns the original model six ways to Sunday in the design department; in fact, we'd go on to argue that this'll end up being one of the better-looking phones on AT&T when it launches, period. Thing is, we don't know when that launch is gonna be just yet -- so for now, just feast on some newly-updated FCC documentation and dream of a future filled with glossy black capsules running Windows Mobile.

[Via Phone Scoop]

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