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Black Friday: Best Buy discounting up to $150 off, Apple retail will match prices

Robert Palmer

AppleInsider, MediaBistro and more are all pointing to some sweet Best Buy discounts on Apple products for Black Friday weekend that include laptop and desktop computers. Sale prices are good online and in-store.

Best Buy apparently stocked up on inventory to support the event. Apple employees will also be staffing Best Buy locations to push sales. The four-day sale extends from Sunday until Wednesday. (Thanks, Michel.)

Also of note: Apple retail stores will match other authorized retailers' advertised prices. According to ifoAppleStore, if you supply proof of the competitor's pricing (like Best Buy's circular), Apple retail employees have the authority to approve a discount matching that price.

If that weren't enough, as Cory mentioned earlier, Apple will also be having its own online Black Friday promotion.

After the jump, discounts ahoy!

All due credit to AppleInsider for this list of products (and their prices after discount in parentheses).

  • $100 off 2.0GHz Unibody MacBook ($1199.99)
  • $150 off 2.4GHz Unibody MacBook ($1449.99)
  • $100 off 2.1GHz White MacBook ($899.99)
  • $100 off 2.4GHz Unibody MacBook Pro ($1899.99)
  • $100 off 2.53GHz Unibody MacBook Pro ($2399.99)
  • $100 off 2.5GHz Aluminum 17-inch MacBook Pro ($2699.99)
  • $150 off 1.6GHz NVIDIA-baed MacBook Air ($1649.99)
  • $150 off 1.86GHz NVIDIA-baed MacBook Air ($2349.99)
  • $100 off 2.4GHz 20-inch iMac ($1099.99)
  • $100 off 2.66GHz 20-inch iMac ($1399.99)
  • $150 off 2.8GHz 24-inch iMac ($1649.99)
  • $50 off 1.83GHz Mac mini ($549.00)
  • $50 off 2.0GHz Mac mini ($749.00)
  • $150 off 2.8GH Mac Pro ($2649.99)

Thanks Jonathan & everyone who sent this in.

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