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PSP piracy down, but so are major releases


Speaking to MTV Multiplayer, SCEA hardware marketing boss John Koller admitted that piracy of PSP software is still very much a concern to the company, but that it's been less severe in recent weeks. "It's trending down right now, we've seen the piracy not be as prevalent in the last month to two months," Koller told the site, adding, "But it has been a problem for us."

SCEA president Jack Tretton pointed to piracy as a chief factor in weak PSP software sales during E3. Looking at the past two months' worth of releases for the handheld, though, one would have to imagine that the decline in piracy can be attributed to the fact that there have been no recent, major PSP titles to, well, pirate. In fact, the holiday season will be devoid of a single new, triple-A year-end title for PSP ... something that has to be worrying Sony more than pirates right about now.

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