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Tuesday Morning Post: I am thankful for my cute little bear


Good Tuesday Morning, everyone. We're now around 2 weeks into the new expansion, and I'm sure by now everyone has some reason to give thanks for something in this thing. Despite the long queues and the iffy server issues that plague some, I'd say it's overall been pretty sweet.

Downtime today is around 6 hours, from 5 AM to 11 AM Pacific time. If that cuts into your normal playtime, or if you're stuck at school or work, I'm going to suggest my usual: Why not catch up on WoW news? There's a lot of it right now, of course, what with the new expansion. Let's look back at this past week in WoW:

Hot News

  • Hopefully, you had a chance to log into WoW on Sunday or Monday. If you did, you know by now the joy of the blizzard bears.
  • The Bear was given out in honor of WoW's 4th anniversary. We celebrated by remembering.
  • The Queue, our new replacement-slash-continuation of the old favorite Ask a Beta Tester, is in full swing. Check out what's been answered so far, and ask your own questions.
  • BlizzCast 6 is out! It's mostly focused on Diablo and Starcraft, but there's a few things a WoW Player might be interested in.
  • Hierloom Items, the new Bind to Account goodies, seem to be on everyone's mind lately. We have a guide to grabbing them for yourself or for your latest new project.

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