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Apple's small business share continues to grow


I seem to be seeing Macs in small business offices with increasing frequency these days. My dentist uses all Macs, as does the wine shop in town, the photo developing shop, the kennel that watches our dog when we're away and the woman who sells craft supplies. Just a few years ago I'd be shocked to see an iMac running point of sale software. Today, it's much more common.

Earlier this week, Needham Co. analyst Charlie Wolf confirmed my suspicions. Specifically, Apple sold 188,000 Macs to small businesses in the September quarter of this year. Compare that to the 61,000 Macs sold to the same group over the summer.

The boost came just as residential sales cooled, which was fortunate for Apple. Of course, internet security and the ability to run the Windows software that these companies depend on are real selling points for many business owners.

[Via AppleInsider]

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