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David Jaffe impressed by God of War 3 ... we think?

Jem Alexander

Even though David Jaffe snuck off to create his own game development studio he's still regarded as Kratos' daddy, so it's no surprise that he's been given a sneak peak at the next chapter of the God of War series. It's also no surprise that he took the opportunity to post about it on his blog in order to let people know, in true Jaffe style, exactly what he thought of it. Cue the expletives.

"HOLY HOLY HOLY F***NG HELL!!!!" he begins. "I thought GEARS OF WARS 2 looked about as good as a next-gen game could look.... And unless I get blown away by POP or something else I missed, GEARS 2 is the S***....this year. Dudes and dudettes, f***ing WAIT till you see the amazing graphics..." We think this means he liked what he saw. Don't go mistaking him for a fanboy, though. He'll have some harsh words to say to you:

"F*** YOU! I ain't no fan boy but this mother f***ing game looks like nothing you've ever played...and you can hold me to that when this thing hits and when they start showing gameplay footage. It looks like a painting come to life- it's THAT good looking." We thought we'd have to wait until at least 2009 started before the hype for God Of War III began to build. Apparently not.

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