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LG to launch "one or two" 3D TVs in 2009

Darren Murph

Deny it all you please, but the 3D revolution is here. LG is just the next brand in the growing line of consumer companies that are caving to the three-dee pressure, and according to Choon Lee, Vice President Director at the Digital TV Research Lab, LG will be launching at least one 3D TV next year. To quote: "3D TVs are the next big step for [LG]; we will try with one or two markets in 2009." Regrettably, that's about all the details he would give up, stopping short of confessing to which markets would first see the devices and when exactly during the course of next year they would launch. It's cool, though -- gives us ample time to get used to wearing those hideous glasses around the house without tripping over foreign objects.

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