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Some prices halved at the PSN Store

Justin McElroy

People come up to me and they say, "Ken, ol' buddy, aren't you doin' anything since you gave Kaz your old gig?" and I tell them, "Friend, I don't know how I still have enough hours in the day!" So, what's been keepin' me busier than a classroom of dung beetles on a field trip to the doody factory? Well, just findin' the best video game savings and passin' 'em on to you, the consumer.

Why just today, I checked the PSN Store and it's is just crammed with games that simply must go to make room for our 2009 stock. People think that digital games don't take up space and I think those people are idiots who don't have the sense that god gave an avocado. But God bless 'em, I'd still sell 'em a copy of Echochrome or PixelJunk Eden for $4.99! I hear you sayin', "But Ken, what if I don't want those games? What if I want something different?" Well, friend, I may think you're dumber than a bag of hammers, but I'll still sell you something else from my stock at half price, there's plenty to go around! Have you heard about these before? Sure! But never let it be said that Ken Kutaragi would miss an opportunity to move a couple extra units.

You can see my whole stock, just just come out to Krazy Ken's Digital Distribution and Tanning Salon, just 4 miles past Purcellville off the I-64 Turnpike. Or, you know, just click on this link. Either way, just remember what we always say: "If It Don't Say Ken, You Probably Overpaid For The Product You Purchased!"

... Yeah, we're still workin' on that.

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