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    Sony's iPod-lovin' AIR-SA20PK S-AIRPLAY music system reviewed

    Darren Murph

    We'll just cut to the chase: if you've been cautiously eying Sony's S-AIRPLAY system in hopes of it solving your multi-zone audio desires, you'll be sorely disappointed at how it performs in real world use. The AIR-SA20PK showcased just decent audio quality, odd design choices, unintuitive controls and a wireless range that was less-than-stellar. 'Course, the unit was being held to some pretty high standards, but given the $400 sticker, we can understand that. In the end, critics determined that the unit wasn't an outright failure, but for four bills, they'd prefer it to be much easier to use and sound quite a bit better. Good thing you didn't pull the trigger already, huh?

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