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Vizio hacks prices on select HDTVs prior to Black Friday

Darren Murph

We've already seen that a number of retailers will be offering Vizio HDTVs on the cheap this Friday (or Black Friday, as the in-crowd calls it these days), but the company is stealing a bit of their thunder by announcing cuts from the top a few days early. Vizio's 19-inch VA19 LCD will be offered for just $199.99 at Costco through December 7th, while the 32-inch VP322 plasma (pictured) will go for $437 at Walmart starting today. There's also the 37-inch VW37 LCD HDTV for $499.99 at Costco, the 32-inch 1080p VOJ32LF LCD for $559.99 at Sears and the 42-inch 1080p VS420 for $698 at Sam's Club. If none of these sets float your boat, check out our condensed guide to Black Friday: HD style for something more to your liking.

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