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Celebrate Thanksgiving by slaughtering turkeys


This Thanksgiving there is much to celebrate in game. Leveling from 70 to 80 is the most fun many of us have ever had leveling, there's tons of shiny new gear in Northrend for everyone, and guilds everywhere are beginning to enter and enjoy the splendor that is Naxxramas.

But don't let all this endgame stuff get in the way of the one true important achievement in Wrath.

Friend or Fowl.

After you've eaten your turkey dinner and said goodbye to the family, take some time and go kill 15 turkeys in under 3 minutes.

The best spot to become the harbinger of turkey death is in the Howling Fjord around 69, 65. This is up the western road from the Explorers' League Outpost, and south of Nifflevar. You'll notice a large rock with some turkeys on it. Kill them and run around the rock killing every turkey you see. It only took me about 45 seconds to get all 15, but I was the only person around at the time. After you've killed your 15 you'll get that special ding and earn the Friend or Fowl achievement.

So celebrate Thanksgiving by slaughtering some turkeys over in the Howling Fjord. And next thing you know WoW Insider will be holding a press conference on a turkey farm. /rimshot

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