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    Gateway's 16-inch MC7803u laptop reviewed: great rig for the price

    Darren Murph

    We can't explain the sudden onslaught of 16-inch laptops hitting the scene, but if neither the R610 nor the Aspire 6930 suited your fancy, maybe Gateway's MC7803u will. The multimedia-minded rig recently hit CNET's review bench, and generally speaking, critics were pleased with what they saw. The expansive display was found to be quite useful, the recessed touch pad was a nice touch and the "minimalist" design was thoroughly lauded. Reviewers did find time to bash the shallow key travel, the omission of a Blu-ray drive and somewhat sluggish performance in a few of the benchmarks, though. Evidently those negatives weren't enough to put a damper on the system as a whole, as it still managed to snag a 3.5 out of 5 golden star rating -- still not quite high enough to buy blind, but it's probably solid enough that you don't need to refuse shipment on the one that's already halfway to your doorstep.

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