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Mmmmm...Hot Apple Mac mini pie for Thanksgiving


While purists may sneer, there are a lot of us who love apple pie for Thanksgiving dinner instead of the traditional pumpkin pie. After seeing this Apple Mac mini pie and the dough-logo Apple pie, you may never want to eat pumpkin pie again.

The geniuses at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories provide step-by-step instructions on how to make your own Mac mini Apple pie. While not everyone has a 45-watt carbon dioxide laser to cut the fancy Apple logo-shaped lattice on top, I'm sure you can get perfectly fine results using an X-acto knife or some other sharp cutting instrument.

For those of you on the West coast of the U.S., there's still time to run out, buy a square Springform pan, pick up a carbon dioxide laser, and get one of these pies cranked out just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

Don't have the engineering acumen for a square pie in a round-pie world? You could use the overlay method that Dana Knisely attempted successfully this year, for a well-branded and well-browned postprandial treat.

There's no word on whether sun-stamped apples were used in the making of either of these scrumptious desserts. (Update: Dana's husband Matt reports that her pie features 100% organically grown Pennsylvania apples. Yum!)

For all our readers in the US and friends across the globe, TUAW wishes you a very happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks to tipsters hc & Chris for this Thanksgiving treat!

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