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Onkyo's DV-BD606 Blu-ray player goes to Europe, drops to amateur status

Steven Kim

Onkyo has turned the DV-BD606P "professional" Blu-ray player loose on the European shores, but with a subtle difference. Our friends overseas will get the DV-BD606, sans "P" (professional) and rack-mount ears. Sounds like an athlete who just didn't quite pan out, doesn't it? Other than that, your £400 ($615) nets you the same uninspiring Profile 1.1, DTS-HD MA, Dolby TrueHD, HDMI 1.3a, DVD upconverting player we got over here in the US. That's right -- pay a little more, get a little less. Somehow, we think that even this is going to be a tough sell no matter where it shows up, and the SD card slot up front and me-too DivX support won't change that.

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