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WoW Moviewatch: I'm Too Pally


According to the tip from Sinnead, I'm Too Pally is Teagen's freshman effort in the wild, wonderful world of machinima. I'm glad Sinnead mentioned that, because I wouldn't have been able to tell. "I'm Too Pally" is a brief homage music video to that most legendary of 90s songs "I'm too sexy."

The direction for the video was pretty spot on. It had the right mix of humor and antics to mimic the style of the original work, and the singer did a good job of singing with a Draenei accent. And, yannno, any music video in which Murky can make an appearance gets an extra few points for humor. All of the animation seemed crisp and controlled, without any of the over-the-shoulder work that can sometimes plague first timers. I feel like there was an in joke at the end I missed ("I'm looking for work!"), but it had the same thematic appeal as the rest of the video, so I didn't feel like I was missing much. Overall, it was darn good video.

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