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    Samsung's X360 ultraportable reviewed: cheaper than competition, but not as good

    Tim Stevens

    If Apple's Macbook Air is the poster-child for "form-over-function," and Lenovo's X300 its utilitarian cousin, Samsung's X360 falls somewhere in between on the 13.3-inch wafter-thin ultraportable family tree, serving as another solid, though somewhat underwhelming choice according to TrustedReviews' full write-up. It's not as thin as the Air, but is slightly lighter while still feeling reasonably durable, and with a full complement of ports certainly has the edge in terms of utility. It also manages to be a bit more visually appealing than the X300, is blessed with a "superb" keyboard (which we liked, too), and the five hours of battery life in real-world usage impresses as well. But, it's hampered by a disappointing 1280 x 800 glossy screen and an under-performing 1.2GHz Core 2 Duo CPU. The thing is popping up at online retailers a bit cheaper than we'd expected (we found one for about $150 lower than Samsung's indicated $1,899 MSRP), but, in the US at least, might just be priced a little too close to its proven competitors to make it a serious contender over here.

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